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Working @ Height Disciplines

Safe Use of Harness & Fall Arrest Equipment

One of our most popular Training Courses. The course syllabus ensures that delegates will be competent and more importantly confident in choosing the most appropriate PFPE for a given application.

To carry out pre-use inspections and be able to don and adjust a Full Body Harness correctly is, in our opinion THE most important learning point on this course.

This course is 4 Hours Duration


Work@Height Regulations

Fall Prevention Measures Fall Restraint Measures

Fall Arrest Measures

Different types of PFPE & Uses

3 Links in the fall protection chain

Inspecting equipment prior to use

Donning & Adjusting Full Body Harnesses

Safe use of PFPE

Do’s & Dont’s

Practical Sessions

Post-course Questionnaire.

Clients will need to provide sufficient PFPE equipment as issued to employees,  this will be used during the inspection & donning exercises.

Course Fee is per person £95:00 +vat (inc course handbook and Certificate)

Our fixed daily fee of £95:00 + vat applies

Roof Working Safety Awareness

This course is of One Day Duration

A unique course designed for managers, supervisors, surveyors and roof workers, to increase their levels of awareness to the hazards and risks people are exposed to when working on flat or pitched roofs. NARC & HSE Guidance is used as the basis for key learning points to be taken away from this training course. Many of our clients who ask us to carry out this training are in the building maintenance field, including schools and college caretakers.


Managing Work at Height

This course is of One Day Duration

This is a unique course designed for supervisors, managers and those people who control the way in which work at height is to be carried out. It teaches the fundamentals of Safe Systems of Work @ Height, following HSE guidance and the Hierarchy of Control.

Choosing the most suitable height work equipment is a legal requirement and of vital importance in keeping workers safe at height, this is covered in great detail as in our opinion this is the most important duty of a Manager/Supervisor of work @ height applications, an area we feel does not get the attention it should, this very often leads to foreseeable and preventable harm, and in some cases tragically death.


Scaffolders Fall Arrest Safety SG4:15

This course is of Half Day Duration This training course has been updated to follow the guidance provided by the NASC SG4:15 – designed to promote the use of fall arrest equipment within the scaffolding industry. It aims to raise awareness amongst scaffolding personnel regarding:

The need to inspect, wear and use full body harnesses

Changes in working and

a Refresher of the key learning points in this excellent, well established and accepted UK code of practice.


Safety Netting Inspectors Competency

This course is of a Half Day Duration This new and unique course has been purposely designed to follow the requirements contained in the British Standards for the Inspection of installed Safety Netting Systems. It is not a training course for Installers of Safety Nets, It focuses on the fault finding checks which mandatorily are required weekly. Full Inspection checklist is provided for use after the training.

Our many Clients in the Construction Industry find this training of great benefit to their site managers.


Rescue from Height (GOTCHA)

This unique course has been developed to assist our clients to ensure adequate plans have been developed to ensure height workers who rely on fall arrest measures for protection can be rescued swiftly in the event of a fall occurring, and the faller is left in suspension.                                                                          Legally these rescue plans are required whenever; a fall into a free space, where the faller has no means of self-rescue, or is likely to be knocked unconscious, by hitting an unavoidable obstruction below the working position.

In our opinion as Height Work Safety Advisors this is the most important factor that in our experience, never gets the consideration it deserves. It could well be the difference between rescuing a casualty – or – recovering a fatality!

Let’s all ensure height workers who rely on PFPE understand fully how to operate a Tele-pole Rescue Kit such as “Gotcha” (this is only one of many commercially available rescue kits). We can provide this life saving training on any available kit.


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