Roof working and working at height

Safe Use of Harness & Fall Arrest Equipment

The course syllabus ensures that delegates will be competent to use fall arrest equipment correctly and to follow good safe working practices when working aloft.

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Roof Working Safety Awareness

A unique course designed for managers, supervisors, surveyors and roof workers, to increase their levels of awareness to the hazards and risks people are exposed to when working on flat, pitched roofs or at height.

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Managing Work at Height

This is a unique course designed for supervisors, managers and those people who control the way in which work at height is to be carried out.  It teaches the options available to protect workers and others when safe access to a place of work is required and when a working place is to be used at height.

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Scaffolders Fall Arrest Safety SG4:05

This training course has been designed to promote the introduction of fall arrest equipment within the scaffolding industry. It aims to raise awareness amongst personnel regarding:

  • The need to wear and use full body harnesses
  • The change in working practices

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Safety Netting Inspectors Competency

This new and unique course has been purposely designed to follow the requirements contained in the British Standards for the Installation and Inspection of Safety Netting Systems.

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Rescue from height

This unique course has been developed to assist our clients to ensure adequate plans have been developed to ensure height workers who rely on fall arrest measures for protection can be rescued swiftly in the event of a fall occuring.

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