Other Safety Training Topics

Manual Handling in the Construction Industry

A course designed for anyone who is involved in moving equipment, materials and loads by manual effort in the Construction Industry.

The course covers good lifting techniques with emphasis on Caring for the Back Training in risk assessment ensures that individuals are aware of the Hazards and associated Risks when using manual effort to move objects.

The course follows the T.I.L.E. method of assessment and includes a number of practical risk assessment tasks and load moving exercises, which demonstrate the six steps to good lifting technique.

Although this training is titled “In Construction” it can be tailored to suit our clients in “Non-Construction Industries” very easily.


Height Work Risk Assessment and Safe Working Method Statements

This course has been specifically designed to meet our clients’ needs in terms of training in risk assessment for working at height, although the principles of risk assessment remain the same regardless of the application.

Syndicate workshops are carried out using interactive video programmes showing unsafe working practices and unsafe working places from which safe working method statements are drawn up and communicated to the group.

This is a very interactive course and we are told by our clients who have gone through the course “One of the best risk assessment courses ever”


Slinger Banksman Competency Certificate

This course is of a Full Day Duration

This course is carried out for us by one of our Partners who specialise in this area of training they have the internal set up, lifting equipment and venue required to provide the appropriate practical hands on training we believe to be of the upmost importance.

The course is ideal for those individuals who are required to work with lifting equipment. It teaches the basic knowledge and skills required to:

Identify and inspect lifting equipment

Select appropriate lifting tackle

Carry out slinging and signalling duties

Control the lifting operation

Practical Lifting Assessments are carried out at the end of the training, hence we are able to provide a Certificates of Competence.


Asbestos Awareness Cat 3 Certificate

Each year between 2000 and 3000 people will die from asbestos related cancers. This is a result of the legacy of high exposure up until the 1970’s.

If the proper management procedures had been in place and the correct work practices used by well-trained and equipped workers, most of these deaths could have been avoided.

This is an awareness course and aims to make people who may come into contact with ACM during their work more able to stop and question the safety of proceeding. It follows a recognised syllabus and will lead to employers being confident that their employees are less likely to become affected by airborne asbestos fibres.


Vehicle Marshall Certificate

This course is of Half Day Duration

Next to falls, vehicle accidents are the most common cause of injuries to people at work, especially the danger from reversing vehicles, last year over 30 people lost their lives due to un-marshalled reversing vehicles on construction site alone.

This unique training course has been developed for our major clients in the Construction Industry to assist them in complying with their legal responsibilites to appoint competent persons to control traffic and plant on construction sites and in and around industrial premises.

Our clients will need to supply a suitable vehicle such as a panel Transit type van, or lorry with blacked out rear windows, the driver must rely on the use of mirrors during the practical assessments.